Affordable Accessories for the Modern Cannabis Enthusiast at Jane's Cannabis Shop

Enhance your cannabis experience without breaking the bank. Jane's Cannabis Shop offers a wide variety of discounted products including batteries, lighters, devices, papers and rolling supplies, grinders, glassware, trays, dab tools, and cleaning solutions. Visit us today to find the perfect accessory to suit your needs and budget.

Gas Berries #112: A Limited Release Strain from Ogen Cannabis

Discover the unique aroma and properties of Gas Berries #112 from Ogen Cannabis. With a strong euphoric effect and a unique bouquet of berries and gas, this heavy indica is worth the higher price in the legal market. Limited release, so grab it while you can!

Jane's Cannabis Shop: A Dependable Cannabis Delivery Service | Toronto

At Jane's Cannabis Shop, we understand the criticality of having a dependable cannabis delivery service. As the demand for cannabis delivery expands, it is essential to ensure that you select an option with stringent quality control protocols and fast turnarounds. Plus, when you opt-

Galactic Rntz Strain Review: A Sweet and Gassy Flower from Tribal

Check out our review of Galactic Rntz from Tribal. This sweet and gassy strain has relaxing and euphoric effects, with a slight uplift thanks to its terpene profile of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. It's an affordable way to enjoy high-quality cannabis.

Discount Cannabis at Jane's Cannabis Shop: How to Save on Your Purchases in Aurora Ontario

Looking to save on your cannabis purchases at Jane's Cannabis Shop in Aurora Ontario? Learn about our discount loyalty program and regular discounts on a wide range of cannabis products. Find out how to access the discounts and maximize your savings.

Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin: The Ultimate Concentrate from Nugz

Quick review of Nugz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin, including terpene profile, price point and rating. Give customers information to make an informed decision in regards to this product.

High on Love for Valentine's

Playing Cupid is going to look a lot different this year. In a way, the pressure is off! There are fewer options that you can do to make the most perfect Valentine’s Day date. Seems like you are going to have to come up with a creative plan!

Our Picks for Last Minute Holiday Gifts 2020

It has been a rollercoaster of a year and in the grind to the 2020 finish line, you may have forgotten to get a gift for someone special or feel like adding just one last present. We’ve got you covered! Here are our 2020 picks for the best gifts you can give to cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike!

Understanding the Species of Cannabis

Especially now that it is legalized, you may be overloaded with a myriad of differently named strains of marijuana and you have no idea where to begin or what is what. All these strains stem from the 3 different plant species of cannabis. These three are considered “core strains” and are generally recognizable by their fan leaves. Those three are cannabis sativa, indica, and ruderalis. 

Bungle Through the Cannabis Jungle

The amount of information and buzzwords surrounding cannabis can feel overwhelming. Most people, especially those just diving into the world of cannabis, know little about what they are buying or how different plants, strains, or consuming habits, affect their experience.

Explore Your Curiosity at Jane's Cannabis Shop

We’ve modelled our store to reflect the surreal. We’ve gone against the grain of other dispensaries and shaped our store to be different. To be timeless.


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