Jane’s Cannabis Membership Club

Each time a customer visits the store they will be eligible to earn discounts towards their next purchase. For greater clarity no purchase is necessary for earning discounts, discounts are accumulated based on the number of visits to the store.

5 visits = 5% off
10 visits = 10% off
15 visits = 15% off
20 visits = 20% off

For the purpose of collecting discounts, visits shall be limited to 1 visit per day.

Discounts will only be applied to purchases equal to, or less than, the average amount spent on all the products purchased in the previous visits used to earn the discount, up to the point of redemption. Example, by the customers 20th visit the average amount spent in each visit is $100, a discount of 20% may be applied to products valued at a total of $100 dollars or less.

Discounts cannot be combined, stacked or otherwise used together.

On the 20th visit no further discounts will be provided until the previous discounts have been redeemed. Discounts may be redeemed up to December 31st of the year the discounts were collected. For greater clarity, the customer may redeem the discount at any time, however once redeemed the discount will no longer be available, and your discounts will return to the base level.

Some products may be excluded at our sole and absolute discretion at any time and without notice.

Items purchased with the discounts cannot be returned for full cash value or credit.

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