Blue Dream Strain: A Guide to its History, Effects, Flavour, and More

February 7, 2023


Blue dream! One of those classic strains you hear about all the time. A cross between the strains Blueberry and Haze, it is a staple in many people’s rotation of buds that they smoke. A mostly sativa leaning strain, it is great at motivating and encouraging you to get off your butt and do something! Its THC percentage is certainly not the highest, but that makes this a great bud to get stuff done on as it is not too heavy on sedative effects.

Effects of Blue Dream

One of the main reasons Blue Dream is still one of the most popular strains out there because of its relaxation effects. While not heavily sedative where you feel couch locked, it will let you relax a bit and get yourself into that after work mood. Physical effects aside, it’s the mental effects of this wonderful strain that really make it a go to cultivar for many people.

Feeling beaten down by reality and your every day 9-5? Blue Dream can help with that! It’s been noted that Blue Dream boosts creativity and lets you reach for those stars when you’re feeling a little locked down. The duration of the effects will depend on the user, as tolerance will always have a say when it comes to that. As an experienced user, I find the experience last about 45 minutes to 1 hour for myself, though your mileage may vary depending on your consumption habits.  

Flavour and Aroma

What can you come to expect from a strain whose lineage is Blueberry? Berries flavour and aroma, of course! The smoke is pleasant, with hints of berries and a sweetness that comes from the Haze side of its parentage. 

Growing Process

Growing Blue Dream, one must have plenty of space as plants can reach up to 6ft in height with no problem. Tall and bushy, it must be staked in order to keep its weight from pulling it down. It is normally cultivated during October when growing outdoors, so while growing indoors, it is imperative to give it the proper amount of light depending on which part of the growing cycle it is currently on. Blue Dream should receive 16-24 hours of light.18/6 during its vegetative period and must be exposed to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness when it is in its flowering stage. The whole growing process should take about 9-10 weeks if given the proper amount of TLC.  

Factors that contribute to the quality of the strain

Originating from the west coast, it favours a warmer climate. The ideal temperature in which best to grow Blue Dream is between 18.5 celsius - 29.5 celsius. A high nitrogen diet with quality soil is a must for a ravenous plant such as this. When growing, you want to follow the pistils to gauge when to harvest the plant, as when the pistils change colour is when the plant generates the best and most potent harvest.

History and Evolution

First appearing in the medical market in Santa Cruz in the 2000s, its genesis is something that is usually left up to speculation as the true origins are unknown. It is agreed upon that it is a cross between the indica DJ Shorts Blueberry and the sativa known as Haze. Nowadays, while the cross is Blueberry X Haze, there are so many Blueberry and Haze strains that one Blue Dream joint can differ slightly from one another. But in the end, it still gives us the effects and wonderfulness that comes from such an iconic strain! 

Hands on experience

In doing the “research” for this article, I tried 3 different products from 3 different LPs, Simply Bare’s Organic Blue Dream, Pure Sunfarms’ Blue Dream and Station House’s Blue Dream, I didn’t feel there was a dramatic difference in between the 3 products in terms of effects. The Simply Bare Organic Blue Dream definitely had the most pronounced scent compared to the other 2, while the others offered a more muted experience in terms of taste and aroma. I welcome you all to come into Jane’s, where we offer multiple brands of Blue Dream and see for yourself what all the hubbub is about when it comes to this legendary strain! 


What can one say about such an iconic strain? From beginners to connoisseurs, Blue Dream has been in the rotation at least once in your history of smoking. The wonderful aroma of blueberries and sugary sweetness. The uplifting feeling of euphoria. The burst of creativity. It has all the hallmarks of a good strain, and a big reason it has stood the test of time. While it provides all those benefits, it is still a sativa leaning strain, so people prone to anxiety might still want to use caution if they plan on smoking some of this classic.   


A legend in the community. Blue Dream is a strain that everyone knows. Whether you’ve only heard of it or have smoked it extensively in the past, it is at the forefront of conversation when it comes to a strain that provides you with a multitude of benefits while having minimal drawbacks. As with all strains of marijuana, one must always take care and use caution and know your limits when it comes to consumption. But if you’re a beginner taking their first toke, or an old head that’s smoked more than you can remember, Blue Dream will always be a strain that can give you the energy to face the day and say “up and at them!”

Written by Brian

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