Craft Cannabis: A Hands-On, Traditional Approach to Cannabis Production

March 28, 2023

Craft cannabis is an expression used to describe marijuana items made with a more measured, carefully planned out strategy for cultivating, preparing, and packaging. Not like mass-produced cannabis products, craft cannabis is created in smaller batches with the primary emphasis on quality rather than amount. This artisanal procedure resembles the mindful way that master chocolatiers create their delectable delights.

Choosing the Right Strain

Crafting the perfect high-quality cannabis starts with selecting the right strain. Craft producers often take risks by cultivating regional, specialty, or sticky strains that require a more delicate touch than machine processing can provide.

Cultivating the Crop

Crafting quality cannabis requires the careful cultivation of crops, using various eco-friendly growing methods. At Simply Bare’s Delta facility in British Columbia, they are devoted to achieving net-zero waste and preserving water resources with their exclusive “secret recipe” of natural soil containing a community of beneficial organisms that promote organic breakdown and plant nutrition.

Trimming and Harvesting

Skillful trimming and harvesting are essential to creating expertly made cannabis. This is where craft cannabis producers get their hands dirty, delicately detaching minor leaves for the buds to become bigger and plump. The flower is harvested manually, which safeguards its fragile trichomes all while leaving it complete at collection time. After that, the flower can now be dried up–ready for use!

Drying and Curing

In the craft cannabis world, patience is essential - particularly when it comes to drying and curing. Instead of utilizing trays or high temperatures to expedite the process, craft producers hang branches in a dark room with consistent humidity and temperature control for several weeks until fully dried. This technique preserves the aroma, cannabinoid potency, as well as ensuring proper moisture content due to nutrients and cannabinoids flowing down towards the flower. Once completely dried out, slow curing follows suit so that terpenes remain aromatic and flavourful!

Testing and Packaging

In order to assure the quality and safety of all cannabis products, legal regulations demand rigorous testing for every batch. A certificate of analysis provides evidence that each ingredient is properly traceable. As an added measure, craft cannabis is often hand packaged in order to maintain its unique trichomes which have been carefully handled until this point.

Craft Cannabis Badge

Consumers are increasingly opting for more traditional, hands-on cannabis production, leading to an array of craft cannabis products. According to the OCS’s definition, artisanal marijuana should be hung-dried and manicured by hand while being cultivated in a small facility generating less than 10 thousand kgs per year. To identify premium quality handmade flower and pre-rolled joints that match your expectations, look out for the Craft Cannabis Badge!


Through slow, mindful production processes, craft cannabis offers an unparalleled approach to creating superior products with personalized flavour and cannabinoid profiles. From meticulous attention to detail at each stage of the process, craft cannabis stands out from mass-produced versions far and wide in terms of quality. Making the effort for careful cultivation results in a product that speaks for itself!

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