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October 20, 2020

“Every adventure requires a first step,” said the Chesire cat to Alice.

When Alice stepped into the looking-glass to Wonderland, she allowed her body and mind to completely be overtaken and mesmerized by the experience. She felt things she had not felt before, her curiosity blossomed and, in the end, she came out the other side with a new way of thinking.

When was the last time you adventured through your looking-glass into Wonderland?

Our philosophy at Jane’s Cannabis is to try and take Alice’s sense of curious wonder and recreate it for our patrons. Sure, if you already know what you want, feel free to just come in and out. But, for the rest of you, we welcome you to come in and explore. Allow yourself to take in your surroundings, admire the vintage decorations and handmade art, or just chat with our employees.

We’ve modelled our store to reflect the surreal. We’ve gone against the grain of other dispensaries and shaped our store to be different. To be timeless.

A Cannabis Store Rooted in Community

Jane’s Cannabis was built by our family. No help was sought from the big cannabis corporations. We wanted it to be as authentic as possible. Any chance we had, we used Aurora businesses to help develop and build our store. We want to build a community within the community and are excited to be the cornerstone of Aurora’s cannabis culture. We want to set the tone for its future.

Our love of fine art and design, specifically in the surreal, inspired our store look and feel. Artists including Rene Magritte and author Lewis Caroll were our primary influences. We want to give people a place to get lost in their curiosity. This curiosity will also help us learn what our community likes or wants. We want you to leave our store feeling satisfied with the time you spend within so that you can fully enjoy (responsibly) the time you spend with your products once you have left.

Gone are the days of prohibition, no more is smoking pot a taboo. Instead, we are in the new reality that you can build your experience around cannabis however you like. The first step is through our front doors, your gateway to curiousity.

We look forward to welcoming you when we open our doors September 12!

Jane & Grant Willson

Owners & Operators of Jane’s Cannabis

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