High on Love for Valentine's

February 13, 2021

Playing Cupid is going to look a lot different this year. In a way, the pressure is off! There are fewer options that you can do to make the most perfect Valentine’s Day date. Seems like you are going to have to come up with a creative plan!

Assuming you are here to include a little friendly cannabis into your romantic day, we have come up with a full plate of ideas that you can steal as much or as little of it that will help take your Valentine’s Day to a new high!

Jane’s Guide to Playing Cupid

The Morning

It’s Sunday, so hopefully you and your partner are sleeping in (Jane’s orders!). Now, this part might be the most important; if you haven’t bought any flowers yet, jump out of bed, into the car and go get some… stat!

Once the flowers are taken care of, you can start to elevate your romantic day. Pour yourselves a cup of Happy Hibiscus Mate Tea to wake up and feel energized. You will need that energy boost because we are off to appreciate the beautiful outdoors!

The Afternoon

Bundle up nice and warm, it is time to enjoy the great outdoors! We’ve been stuck inside for almost a year of our lives. Embrace the outdoor escape from the confinement of your home and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer, while sharing it with the one you love. Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area is always a popular choice here in Aurora.

We recommend you bring some Trailblazer Spark Sticks to add a new dynamic to your walk and some Bhang THC Milk Chocolate to add a little boost along the way.

Once you are back home, drink some strawberry hibiscus sparkling water to calm you down, then feel free to take a nap… you have a big night ahead *wink*

The Evening

It’s a special day, so why not have some dessert before your meal for a change? Spark up some Chocolate Fondue then treat  your loved one to an amazing home cooked meal! Alternatively, support a local restaurant, we are blessed here in Aurora with quite a few great ones!. 

Pair your meal with a delicious cocktail! Try a new spin on an old drink. Take 11/2 oz of gin,add 2-3 ice cubes, and fill the rest of the drink with House of Terpenes sparkling tonic! Garnish it with either fresh basil or, for citrus fans, a slice of orange. Voila! A modern twist on a Gin & Tonic!

Not to be left out, an after dinner treat! The rich, robust taste of Fireside Dark Chocolate Duo leaves enough goodness for each of you.

The Late Night

Now, we are most definitely not going to tell you what to do after dinner. You may want to just chill out and relax or maybe you want to do something a little more… energetic. 

No matter what you plan to do with the rest of your night, here are some fun products that are fairly self-explanatory to be used in any combination:

No matter how you decide to shake up the end of a long but romantic day, sit back, and toke back on something you and your partner can begin your wind down with. White Wedding seems to be a popular choice as part of a bedtime (or dare we say, cuddle) routine.

If you are incorporating cannabis this Valentine’s Day, make sure to play safe and use products responsibly. Our Budtenders are ready to play Cupid and give advice on ways to incorporate cannabis this Valentine's Day. Give us a shout!

Jane's Cannabis is open for pickup and same day delivery until 8pm on February 14.

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