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February 17, 2023

Welcome back guys, to another instalment of our quick reviews here at Jane’s Cannabis! Today we have a review of what the OCS calls edible extracts. It’s the Pineapple Coconut and Pomegranate Berry Glitches by Drift!

What makes it special?

We’ve finally got around to reviewing an edible here! What took us so long? Well, most edibles on the market are limited by rules and regulations to be only 10mg per PACKAGE. As a high tolerance user, I wanted to wait till these edible extracts hit the market to really review an edible, as 10mg per package for me doesn’t really affect me in the way that I want. What makes these different is that they are 10mg per piece of gummy in the package! Therefore, they are much more potent than their counterparts that were originally sold at the beginning of legalisation.

Taste and Texture:

Both varieties of the glitches offer something similar to its namesake. While not the most overpowering of flavours, there is not a lot of weed taste to the gummies, which is nice. This allows the gummies to impart their flavours without having to overpower any undesirable weed flavours. The gummies themselves are firm and are just like any regular old gummy you can find at the grocery store.  

How much does it cost?

$15.95 for the Pomegranate Berry glitches, as they are 10 to a pack.  $8.95 for the Pineapple Coconut glitches, as they are 5 to a pack. As someone who has a fairly high tolerance, I find these to be a tremendous value for regular or every day users. You won’t be breaking the bank purchasing these as they offer a good amount of THC for the money that you are paying. For beginners or people who are not everyday users, regular edibles (not edible extracts) should be more than enough. These are aimed at people who find other edibles to not be potent enough.  

Rating: 9.5/10

These get a really high rating because of the value they offer people who have a high tolerance like myself. The gummies themselves are not offensive in taste, as I found they hid the weed flavour well, while adding the fruit flavours they want to make it a pleasant experience. As previously stated, the reason these get such a high rating is that experience they offer high tolerance users. For example, I ingested 4 gummies and definitely was pretty medicated for 2-3 hours. I find it is a good way to augment your daily smoking routine if you’re getting kind of bored with smoking or vaping every day, as ingestion offers a distinct feeling compared to smoking or vaping.


These are a wonderful new product that is on the market that offers high tolerance users another avenue to explore their favourite way to relax. Incredible value for the money compared to other edibles on the market, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for higher THC content in their edible repertoire or for people who are feeling underwhelmed by other edibles on the market. This is the product for you!

More Information

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Written by Brian

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