Lowkey by MTL Cannabis' Dessert Strain Review - Apple Fritter Hybrid

March 8, 2023

Welcome back to another instalment of quick reviews by Jane’s Cannabis Shop. Today we are back reviewing more flower for you guys!  We have the wonderful Dessert from Lowkey by MTL Cannabis!

What makes it special?

Lowkey by MTL Cannabis is an offshoot of their main MTL Cannabis brand that specializes in craft-grown strains at a good price! Today we are reviewing Dessert by them, and it is a wonderful strain known as Apple Fritter, which is a hybrid that is a 50/50 cross between Sour Apples and Animal Cookies. The wonderful aroma of baked goods and a taste that is reminiscent of vanilla and apples is what this strain is all about.  With large nugs, tinges of purple throughout and a nice fluffiness to the bud structure, your guests are in for a special treat when you bring out this Dessert!

Terpene Profile:

B-Caryophyllene - is a major component in many things found in the world.  It is not something that is specific to cannabis. It can be found in black pepper, basil, hops, cloves and oregano. A main component in anti-inflammatory treatments, it is known to be a direct activator of one of the two major receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Without going too deep into the ECS, it activates the CB2 receptor which is the one which provides therapeutic properties rather than the one which provides the intoxication effect from cannabis.

Limonene - found in the majority of citrus fruit, limonene is a monoterpene that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, and possibly disease-preventing properties.  Limonene can be used as an additive to foods to give it that fresh citrus smell and taste, as well as used in natural botanical insecticides. It is a wonderful terpene that not only gives us that euphoric feeling when we partake in cannabis but has multiple practical real-life uses as well.

Pinene - one of the most common terpenes in the plant world, it can be found in abundance in pine needles (obviously), basil and rosemary. Medical properties of this terpene are abundant and can be an anti-inflammatory, and a bronchodilator as well as combat that classic stereotype of the stoner by possibly improving the ability to combat loss of short-term memory! 

How much does it cost?

$27.50 is a wonderful price for those who are looking for great weed at a great price. It is certainly on the lower side of the price spectrum when it comes to quality cannabis. I would say that MTL Cannabis has a winner on their hands with their Lowkey brand. By offering good quality, distinct strains and a price that won’t have you breaking the piggy bank to buy it, it is something that I can wholeheartedly recommend to any marijuana enthusiast. It is never a bad thing when you can grab a quality 3.5g of unique bud for less than $10/g.

Rating: 9.5/10

What a high rating you say! Well deserved and more in my opinion. It is hard for any LP to come onto the market and give us good bud for a fair price. There usually is some sort of balancing act between the overall quality of the product and the price. This product gives you both, which is why I am rating it so highly. From the aroma and taste to the bud structure and the curing efforts that they put into it, it is a labour of love from MTL cannabis, and it shows. The fact that they’re able to give it to you at that price is a steal. Do yourself a favour and go get yourself a bag of this wonderful treat before it is gone!

More Information

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Written By Brian

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