Nugz Häpple Glass Pipe Review - The Cleanest Way to Inhale Hash

March 2, 2023

Welcome to another iteration of our quick reviews by Jane’s Cannabis Shop! So my original review was going to be REALLY quick: “Do you like smoking hash? Yes? Then buy this product!” But it’s been brought to my attention that this will not suffice, so therefore here is a formal review of the collaboration between Canadian glass artisan Dave Ro and Nugz, the Nugz Häpple!

What is it?

The Nugz Häpple is a fully glass pipe that is made specifically for smoking dry sift hash. It is a pipe in the shape of an apple (duh) with a stem that has a divot for the hash and a stem to inhale the smoke. As previously stated, this is a collaboration between Dave Ro and Nugz, and they’ve come out with something revolutionary for those who love smoking hash but do not want to mix it into a joint, do bottle tokes and mix it with tobacco or the classic method of inhaling hash by using hot knives! This is most definitely the cleanest way of inhaling hash as you are only burning the hash itself and nothing else!

Who is it for?

The Häpple is for people who want to augment their daily intake habits with something a little more mellow than other types of concentrates like rosin or resin. After purchasing and using this beautiful piece, I was shocked by how easy it was to set up and use. It takes less than a few minutes to fully set up and use, and the results are fantastic. If you wish to add hash to your daily habit, then look no further than this wonderful piece to make it a simple and easy transition. The Häpple is also great for those who do not wish to inhale marijuana and only wish to chase that calming and soothing body high that can only be offered by hash.

How to use it?

It is as simple as eating an apple! The Häpple comes in 2 pieces, the pipe itself and the stem of the Häpple. All you have to do is snake up a decent-sized piece of hash and place it in the divot that is found in the stem. Make sure you roll out the end of the hash like a wick to make it easier to light. After that, all you do is spark it up, place the stem back into the Häpple, and wait for that beautiful smoke to billow and swirl inside the piece. It’s hypnotic as you look at it, waiting for it to fill up with thick smoke. Then you inhale through the mouthpiece as you lift the stem, which acts as a choke and clears the häpple of that wonderful hash smoke.

Where can I buy it?

$45.18 is the price of the Häpple at Jane’s Cannabis Shop right now! We commit to having the best price on the market for this lovely invention. If we are out of stock, you can also go to Nugz themselves and purchase it from their site.


What we have here is the next step in hash smoking in my humble opinion. It is easy to set up and use while providing the cleanest hash smoke out of any method out there as you are not mixing it with anything else. It is wallet-friendly as well, with a price point that most smokers would not hesitate to purchase it at. It cannot be stated enough, that if you are someone who is a hash enthusiast or someone who is looking to get into smoking hash, this is the product for you!   

Thank you for reading this quick review of the Nugz Häpple. If this is your first time here, thank you for exploring this product with us, if you’ve read our other reviews, thank you for coming back to us as a source of information for all your cannabis needs. Look forward to exploring the world of cannabis with you more in our next review!

Written by: Brian

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